Simple web app generator for Yeoman

I decided to finally consolidate all of my commonly used Gruntfiles into a single file, organize my folder structure, and then publish all of that as a Yeoman generator.

It's heavily opinionated towards the preprocessors that I love, which are:

  1. Jade

  2. Coffeescript

  3. SASS (scss)

It also comes with Connect, to get a simple web server running right away, and uses Livereload.

To give it a try, you can install it with npm:

npm install -g generator-simplewebapp  

And then using Yeoman:

yo simplewebapp  

Once you have the project, there are a few simple Grunt commands to get things going:

  1. grunt The default task builds all of the preprocessors into the dist folder.

  2. grunt serve Runs the default build tasks, starts a server with Connect, and starts LiveReload.