4ThePlayer.com teams up with Yggdrasil GATI technology

Partner of Yggdrasil YG Masters 4ThePlayer.com Selects Revolutionary Provider GATI Standardization Technology To Rapidly Scale Global Distribution And Expand Revenue Opportunities. Yggdrasil’s game-changing, language independent and standardized GATI technology enables game studios and developers to quickly and securely create and distribute content across Yggdrasil’s global distribution network.

All Yggdrasil partners integrated into GATI can cross-sell their games to any global Yggdrasil franchisee and share relevant game roadmaps, creating new ways to collaborate. All YG Masters partners will have access to GATI and use a pre-configured, regulatory-ready, standardized content development toolkit to develop and distribute games anywhere in the world.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Affiliate Strategy and Sourcing at Yggdrasil, said:

“GATI technology gives our partners a new and unique way to quickly create or migrate regulated content for global distribution to our fast growing franchise network. GATI enables studios to quickly scale their businesses and expand their revenue opportunities while their IP is protected and local market compliance requirements are easily managed. “

Chris Ash, Founder and Director of Business Development, 4ThePlayer.com, said:

“Being a part of YG Masters and leveraging Yggdrasil’s unique and standardized GATI technology will give us tremendous autonomy and dramatically reduce our time to market while increasing the commercialization of our innovative game roadmap. Yggdrasil has presented a highly scalable business model that will enable us not only to realize our strategy, but also to maximize the potential of our content, and to simplify the protection of our intellectual property and the management of our own resources. “

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