A bug in the Wild Swarm slot machine. Developer PushGaming response

And when the client receives a response from the server, how to arrange the characters, a "cartoon" is launched, ie. visually beautiful, with animation and other effects, the characters are located on the player’s screen. In fact, everything is a little more complicated, but you get the point, probably))

So the player somehow magically showed the same cartoon not according to the script. The Wild symbol on the third reel remained on the player’s screen, although the server did not give him such a command. The server paid for the lines without taking into account Wilds on the third reel, because he did not put it there. The server controls the client (the player’s browser), not the client controls the server.

Why didn’t the second line in the screenshot above play? Because the server arranged the symbols at this moment in this way (the screen was provided by the Play Fortuna casino):

But a bug happened and the player saw a completely different picture on his screen. On this spin, instead of a Wild symbol, there was actually a honey symbol, during subsequent spins there were probably other symbols, but there was no sticky Wilda on the third reel.

Official response from Push Gaming

To a request from a casino, the provider gave the following answer:

A bug in the Wild Swarm slot machine.  Developer PushGaming response

The outcome of the round, payouts to the player, and the end result you see in our back office are correct. It was a visual bug: one bee symbol did not move to the corresponding drum during the "move bees" function from the chest. Our game studio will make the necessary fixes. I’ll let you know as soon as they are implemented in this slot.

In other words, it was a visual bug, we will fix everything …

Thanks to the player for the video, it was really very interesting. To the casino manager – thanks for the help in clarifying the situation and for the official response from the provider. For players: record your drifts on video and, in a similar case, drop them into the casino players chat in the same way: @affgambler_chat

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