A disgruntled gambler intimidated athletes with death threats

In college, Addison Choi spent a lot on sports betting and ran into a lot of debt, which made him bet even more. This is a typical behavior of a gambling addict – to increase the amounts and risks in order to get back what was lost.

The player pleaded guilty and faces 21 to 27 months in prison, plus three years after his release, he will have to be monitored. In addition, he will likely be fined $ 250,000. The FBI special agent noted that this case should serve as a warning to those involved in this practice.

This seems to be a fairly common practice. Social networks allow direct contact with athletes, and gamblers distraught with losses do not stop at moral principles or something else abstract. The tennis associations ATP, WTA and ITF have even created an educational program on how athletes deal with such cases.

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