A Playtech game error could cost? 2 million. The player is suing the casino

It is with the proofs that the operator has a problem. In fact, they have no evidence whatsoever. Betfred links to Playtech. The error occurred on their side, and the developer has no contractual obligations to the operator to present proof of errors.

In turn, Playtech states that they are not going to disclose information about what happened, as it is super secret. So, in essence, the operator wants to win the case without providing any facts, and simply demanding to be taken at their word.

Inappropriate behavior

In an interview, the player’s lawyer reported that Playtech and Betfred were asking the judge to make the player responsible for covering their £ 12,000 expenses as he requested the documents. To which the judge laughed and rejected the request.

And this, apparently, is not the only attempt to complicate the player’s life. Andy Green recently revealed that the past two and a half years have been hell for him. And that Betfred treated him in a way that no animals are treated.

Is the denouement close?

In November 2018, the player’s lawyer suggested that the case would reach court in about 12-18 months. So, initially, they did not count on a quick denouement. Although he stressed that if they were made a worthy offer, they would compromise.

What the operator is counting on is not clear. Indeed, without evidence, which he does not have, the court is unlikely to take their side. If the judge ruled in favor of the player in October, they would have to pay £ 2 million, adding lost interest and legal fees to the original amount.

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