A selection of the most interesting gambling legends

When gambling at casinos, gamblers often use various interesting legends and superstitions, believing that this will help in the game and bring good luck. We invite you to find out about some of the legends that some players still believe in.
Lucky shirt: this legend is still actively used today. According to legend, in order for the game to be successful, you need to wear the shirt of the player who has already won a large amount earlier. In this case, the player can count on a successful game.
Carelessness for money: among gamblers, it is generally accepted that luck accompanies those players who are careless about money, specifically leaving a certain amount of money in the game to “lose” in order to win much more. Many players do just that, sometimes hitting the jackpot.
Gambling at the place of execution: There is a legend that for good luck gambling should not be played in a cozy house, but to find the place of execution of criminals. According to legend, it is in such places that luck most often smiles at gamblers.
Suicide Rope: The Eerie 200-Year-Old Legend That A Rope That Hangs A Man Can Bring Good Fortune In Gambling. Believing in this legend, many gamblers were ready to buy a piece of the suicide stranglehold for a lot of money.
Dove of gambling happiness: This legend tells of a certain man named Blanchard, who many years ago went to a gambling establishment, on whose doorstep a dove ruined his suit. The man did not return home and won a lot of money in the casino that day. Comparing his winnings with a spoiled suit, the man deduced the formula about a lucky pigeon. He waited a long time for another such event on the threshold of the casino, and once luck “smiled” at him and the dove once again cheated on his suit, and on that day Blanchard again won a large sum of money. Now gamblers are sure that if a pigeon “stains” a person, then luck will surely smile on him.

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