Accusations against Videoslots. Is the player cheating or not?

You signed up at the beginning of 2019 and have been an active player ever since. In April 2020, we received a notification from Gamstop that you were self-excluded. Since then, we have not been able to log in or fund an account with us.

You then informed us that you had an account before 2019. After looking for your name, we found an account in the same name as yours, opened in 2016, on which no deposits were made and no activity was observed. There are no details on this account other than your name and date of birth, which coincide with the data of the account that you opened in 2019, and no documents were uploaded either. This account was also not self-excluded via Gamstop.

We also contacted you several times in 2019, both by phone and email, and you have never informed us of anything like that. You later told us that you self-excluded through Gamstop years earlier, and we demanded proof of this, but you refused to provide it. It is also worth noting that the notification we received from Gamstop came a few days after your complaint.

For now, we recommend filing a complaint here with Casinomeister, or following the complaint procedure in accordance with our terms and conditions if you wish to proceed with the proceedings. We do not see that we have made any mistake on our part.

After this response, the player continued to insist that self-exclusion was activated during deposits, and not in April 2020, as the casino claims. However, the player ignored the repeated question why he refused to provide evidence of self-exclusion to the operator.

He also decided not to file a complaint against Casinomeister and ended up saying that he would follow the instructions for filing complaints drawn up by Videoslots. He said that he had already contacted the recommended dispute resolution organization, they drew up a plan of action and the player promised to keep Casinomeister informed. So far, it all looks like a preface to the imperceptible disappearance.

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