American roulette: how it differs from European

Among all the classic casino games there is a real queen – that’s what they call roulette. Today there are several types of this entertainment, but there are originally two classic options. European and American. Despite the fact that American roulette is a more modern version of the game, in wide circles it is often inferior to its older sister in popularity. However, in the context of online casinos, this is nothing more than a stereotype. And then we will figure out why.

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  • Basic rules and a little history
  • Double Zero
  • Hidden opportunities

Basic rules and a little history

But first, let’s note the general principles and basic rules of the roulette game. Whichever version of this entertainment you open, you will see a drum in front of you with black and red sectors. Note that each of them has its own unique number. In the classic variation of roulette (European) there are 37 sectors, and in the American – 38. A ball is launched into the drum, which will stop on one of the sectors. If the players guess the characteristics of this sector, they receive a prize. Moreover, the more accurate the forecast, the more money you can win.

Roulette is originally a mechanism. Moreover, there is an opinion that this mechanism was invented by none other than Blaise Pascal. This idea came to him after an unsuccessful attempt to develop a perpetual motion machine. The failed mechanism was subsequently successfully applied in excitement.

Actually, France is predominantly considered the birthplace of the European version of entertainment. Brought later to America, the game acquired its own distinction from the original format.

Double Zero

So, the American roulette casino game has 2 zero sectors as opposed to the European one with one zero. What is zero? These are special green sectors that stand out from the red-black row. They provide a percentage of the house edge by being the losers in most bets.

Connoisseurs of gambling in the era of land-based casinos could resort to playing American “out of despair”. This happened if there were many people at the table with a European. But gradually experienced players looked closely and realized that American roulette can play no worse than European. And the first argument in favor of this statement is this: American roulette, although the rules differ, is still suitable for most well-known strategies. So, you can use the strategy of Martingale, Donald-Nathanson, Lucky Seven, Labouchere, Fibonacci and others.

Hidden opportunities

Despite the fact that initially American roulette, the rules of which imply 2 zeros, is considered less winning. But it is American roulette that gives you more varied strategies.

Online game American roulette, at least, is more profitable when betting on a loss, because you can also bet on green sectors. This option is very interesting in the format of a multiplayer game. There is a category of players that prefers to play in a group with friends (more this concerns options with live dealers or land-based casinos). The main goal of playing in a group is to cover all possible outcomes, and the outcome of losing cannot be ignored.

However, American roulette allows you to play at professional outside rates. These include basket bet and double street.

Interestingly, American online roulette is hardly less profitable than European. The fact is that in online casinos you can often see the return percentages (RTP) equal for these two versions. After all, virtual roulette is no longer a mechanism, but a program. Yes, one or another of its variations may have a different appearance, but this is just a form. After all, for that matter, the drum and the ball itself are no longer a guarantee of gameplay, but simply visualization to preserve traditional images.

However, we can assume that the gameplay in any case retains high winning opportunities. Well, the number of zero sectors is a secondary matter, aimed more at diversity. Well, playing different gambling games is always more interesting, and no one will argue with this.

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