Answers to strategy, RNG and certification questions from NetEnt

No, live casinos also need to be permanently certified by independent auditors to make sure they are completely random. We have live casino studios where the action takes place in real time, just like in land-based casinos.

How we ensure randomness, fairness and safety

The internet is filled with theories about how someone finds a way to beat online slots. The truth is that slots are completely random, and in one of the most regulated industries in the world, many measures are taken to ensure that randomness and ensure that players have a fun and safe experience.

Are the random number generators (RNGs) really random or do they depend on whether I win or not?

All NetEnt games are certified by independent certification bodies that require complete randomness.

Should games be validated before games are released – what external reviews are required?

Before games are released, the certification team reviews various aspects of the game (mathematics, functionality, text, and rules of the game) to ensure fairness for the player. By "certification" we mean a large number of large, government-approved, independent, international companies that research NetEnt’s products (slots) to ensure that players are fair. NetEnt takes this very seriously.

Different authorities and governments all have different standards and ideas on how to protect their players. We create one game, one product, with a single mathematical model, which, after rigorous testing, is launched in all different regulated markets.


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