Anti-fraud system saves casinos € 10 million in a year

SoftSwiss, which provides the platform to many ru-focused casinos, reported that their anti-fraud system saved operators more than € 10 million in 2020. The system’s mission is to detect player actions that violate casino rules. This is non-observance of the rules of the game for bonuses, multi-accounts, collusion of players and various fraud schemes.

In a press release, the company gave an example of fraud prevented. The player was asked for documents for verification, where it was also required to confirm the source of income. There were suspicions that the person was using documents purchased on the black market.

All documents were provided, but employees noticed that the language of the e-wallet did not match the user’s native language. After verification on Skype, it became obvious that this is a scammer.

This example will teach attackers to be more attentive. And it shows honest players why sometimes they have to pass more checks. After all, there are many different nuances, and even such as the language of the wallet, which are taken into account.

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