Are casinos sitting on a pile of money? Employees demand payment

There are many such examples. However, there is another side to this story. Employees of American casinos are expressing dissatisfaction with the measures taken. According to the international president of the labor union Unite Here, casinos have funds and they "just sit on a pile of money and watch the chaos." Instead, according to the assumptions of representatives of the union, casinos save money for investors.

Today, absolutely all casinos in the United States are closed, and each of these companies fires thousands and tens of thousands of people. Some were compensated for 2-4 weeks of downtime, and many received nothing. At the same time, no one knows for sure how long the quarantine will last.

Many are convinced that the casino has money, and the only problem is that they do not want to spend it. Others express the opinion that even if they do not have money, they can easily borrow at a minimum interest from the state. But the situation is not that simple. Every day the establishments lose millions and are unable to do anything about it. Both sides can be understood.

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