Aristocrat canceled travel to Asia due to coronavirus

Aristocrat has postponed all travel to Asia for its employees. This is a sensible precaution in light of the dangerous coronavirus, which has already caused many deaths. The problem will not be taken under control in any way, and this has already led to large economic losses not only for China, but also for their business partners.

According to Aristocrat, canceled trips will not affect their normal operation. The director of the company noted that they have no direct activity in mainland China, and a relatively small percentage of activity in the Asian region as a whole. But that they are closely following the development of events.

“We have temporarily canceled travel to the region and are supporting our employees in Macau and Hong Kong. We also monitor and monitor potential disruptions to our supplies. At the moment, we do not foresee any negative material impact on our business, but we will keep the market informed, as it should be. "

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