Art blogger Slotlady and the reasons for her popularity

Sarah is a pretty girl who hosts a Youtube channel about the game of slot machines. The blogger has 61 thousand subscribers, and she gets more views of the videos than Vitus and Andrey TTR combined.

Today, each of Sarah’s videos is watched on average 20-25 thousand times, and individual stories have gained 200 thousand. views. The popular Slotlady channel is one and a half years old – the girl began to storm the expanses of Yutuda in the summer of 2017. Sharing her big blogging plans on the Vegas Fanatics forum and promising to post quality content every day, Sarah built her first audience. Well, today she has accumulated 2.3 million views.

Slotlady’s targeting is standard: a girl talks about her love in gambling and expresses a desire to share her experience.

Blogger chips

Sarah says she lives in Toronto, Canada. The girl is 26 years old and she is a frequent guest of Las Vegas and Niagara Falls casinos. The main feature of her videos is a minimum of editing and maximum naturalness of shooting. Sarah shoots both prepared videos and live broadcasts.

On the Slotlady channel, you can find videos that are 10 minutes long and over an hour. And she does release new videos almost every day, even during big family holidays like Christmas and New Years.

Sarah has a single budget for any game – $ 100. If the game does not go on, she places bets up to the last dollar and does not deposit any more.

In addition, the girl maintains accounts on social networks, the content of which is devoted to video announcements, travel and sports. And also – conducts live broadcasts on, even though they are not very popular.

Sarah opened her own online store with souvenirs and clothes with the symbols of her channel. Smiling lemon and the inscription Slotlady – such is the girl’s corporate identity.

Scandals and intrigues

Sarah, like many female bloggers in the gambling topic, is perceived ambiguously by the audience. Despite the fact that more and more representatives of the beautiful half of humanity appear among casino streamers, stereotypes are not so easy to eradicate. Biased attitude towards bloggers in this regard usually boils down to the fact that girls can afford to shoot videos even without deep knowledge of the subject, bribing with their pretty appearance.

However, haters stopped few people. So Slotlady continues to improve in blogging, gaining more and more recognition from the English-speaking gambling public.

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