AvatarUX Studio Presents CherryPop Slot

From October 6, AvatarUX gaming studio, partner of Yggdrasil Masters, will supply CherryPop slot to operators. Following the success of PopRocks and WildPops, CherryPop is the third installment in the PopWins series and launches several exciting new features, making CherryPop the perfect slot for gaining popularity in the mass market.

CherryPop is an 80s-style fruit-themed slot machine with a glowing neon pink border and a colorful 5×3 reel that can expand to help players achieve potentially huge wins.

CherryPop features an impressive 13 characters including A, Q, 9, A, K, grapes, melons, oranges, horseshoes, clovers, bells, diamonds and cherries, giving it an authentic fruity arcade feel. Five Cherries payout x15 of the player’s bet, but the real payout strength lies in the powerful bonus features. With betting levels ranging from 0.20 to 40.00 coins, a respectable RTP of 96.14% and a base game success rate of 22%, CherryPop is well placed to offer good value for money for a wide variety of players.

As the third release of AvatarUX in the PopWins series of games (after PopRocks and WildPops), CherryPop slot is loaded with the same core features that were previously – complemented by some exciting new bonus concepts. Basically, the famous PopWins feature remains completely unchanged – which means that after each winning spin, the PopWins feature erases the symbols and replaces them with two new symbols, making the reels expand up to six lines high. Pressing the high notes of six rows automatically triggers free spins with five bonus rounds. Interestingly, players can choose to spin the gambling wheel to get up to 15 free spins or lose.

As for the bonus spins themselves, they start spinning with a win multiplier of x2 and increase by +1 after each PopWin. A sustained success in the bonus can cause the reels to expand to nine rows, increasing the multiplier by another +3; each subsequent PopWin increases the multiplier by another +4! If a player connects to a really successful race, he can spin the reels on the playing field, where there are 59,049 ways to win.

One of CherryPop’s new features is Bonus Buy, which allows players to buy a bonus for x75 of their bet. The bonus features have the potential to generate wins of up to 56,386x, which translates into wins ranging from 11,277.2 coins at the minimum bet to a theoretical big win of 2,255,440 coins at maximum spin.

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