AvatarUX will be promoted by streamers, contract with CasinoGrounds

We are incredibly excited about this agreement as we believe streamers are an integral part of our game development strategy by collecting player feedback through their forums.

By partnering with streamers, we truly honor our games, and promo campaigns will provide us with a direct connection to the end user that would otherwise be impossible for game developers. Such an agreement will provide detailed feedback to help us make our games and our PopWins mechanics even better.

AvatarUX has already created a series of PopWins slot machines: PopRocks, WildPops, CherryPop, BountyPop. On February 22nd, the series will expand with the release of TikiPop. Thanks to this mechanic, the number of symbols on the reel increases with each prize symbol. Instead of one, two cells appear, which are filled with new characters.

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