Barcelona players win almost € 500,000 in poker

From time to time, sports stars appear at the poker tables. This usually happens as an advertisement, but sometimes real poker connoisseurs sit down at the table. In the recent PokerStars EPT, Bacrelona, ​​Piquet and Vidal have won nearly € 500,000 by the pair.

Both teammates competed in a one-day high roller tournament with a buy-in of € 25,000. These are not the kind of mega tournaments with thousands participating. A total of 70 people competed. Of these, Piquet came in second with € 352,950. Arturo Vidal dropped out earlier, finishing fifth for € 134,460.

On the eve of the tournament, both players entered the field in a game against Real Betis, where their team won with a score of 5: 2. They say that Piquet is generally a big fan of poker and has been participating in Barcelona tournaments for many years. And his best result before that was the fifth place in the same tournament.

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