Betway sponsors Spanish clubs despite pending ban

It is planned that in October a law will come into effect prohibiting gambling advertising on uniforms and stadiums. Advertising online gambling will be prohibited on TV, radio and online video platforms, with the exception of a four-hour window starting from 1 am. There are also restrictions on bonuses. They can only be issued to those who have made at least three deposits, while the relevant authorities will be able to set an upper limit on the amount of the bonus.

In July, Spain submitted the law to the European Commission, and was soon approved. Now it remains to get the approval of a couple more local authorities. This is expected to be done in October. Thus, advocates for change want to limit the harm done by gambling to minors.

Apparently Betway and some other operators do not believe that the law will be passed. Although there is no information that anything can interfere with this. Or just gambling companies want to run ads for the last time, while it is possible.

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