Birthday casino bonuses. Who gives, who receives?

Who gets the birthday gifts at the casino?

Timid and humble players who simply rely on the operator’s generosity will receive fewer congratulations. But those who hurry up are more likely to get something. Some do this – they write to all the casinos in which they are registered even before their birthday and ask if there will be any gift for them.

It is highly likely that you will not receive any response at all, but someone responds and even credits a bonus upon request. So, if you want a gift, do not be lazy to take the initiative. You can also send a request immediately after your birthday, if you were not automatically given anything.

Of course, special attention is paid to VIP players. There, the casino itself will no longer forget about the holiday and the fact that you need to give something. In general, everything will depend on how valuable a player you seem to the casino. If you play small and bring little profit, it is natural that the operators will be less generous towards you.

There is a trend that casinos where the player deposits regularly do not offer birthday gifts. And those in which the player had practically no activity send congratulations with bonuses. Hence, we can conclude that if earlier these proposals were sent as gratitude for the game, now they are more used to induce the game.

What bonus can I get on my birthday?

Gifts can be very different. Again, based on how valuable you are to the casino. These are usually no deposit bonuses, but some may request a deposit as well. You can count on a small player for a small amount of $ 10- $ 20 with little or no wagering. No deposit free spins of 10-50 spins are also popular. It is also not the number of spins that is important here, but their cost. Someone gets the minimum, others more or less expensive spins.

There are no specific standards in the VIP category. It can be anything and tickets to exclusive events and some kind of trips, plus the usual bonuses, only in larger sizes. For example, if a regular player is given $ 10, then the VIP gets a few hundred. In general, everything that the imagination of people organizing gifts is enough for.

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