Bookmakers can still pay out on Trump victory rates

The US presidential election was already three weeks ago, but there is still a chance that everything could change. And some bookmakers acknowledge the possibility that if Trump remains president instead of Biden, they will pay out bets on his victory.

Trump’s team has repeatedly filed lawsuits in an attempt to buy time and prevent the vote count from being certified. Several trials have already been canceled due to lack of evidence, but the current president is still determined and threatens to go to the Supreme Court.

Despite the fact that bookmakers have already recorded Biden’s victory and paid out to the players, some of them admitted the fact that they will have to pay out on Trump bets if he is recognized as the winner.

This is reported by the resource, which contacted several operators. According to them, if Trump nevertheless remains president, it will be beneficial to everyone except the bookmakers, since they will no longer be able to return the funds that they paid to those who bet on Biden.

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