Boxer Manny Pacquiao Appears In A Slot Machine From Ganapati

Ganapati is a developer who is clearly much less famous than Manny. He appeared on the horizon relatively recently, but is trying to connect celebrities to promote. Last fall, one of their slot machines was advertised by Enrique Iglesias.

Naturally, a contract with such a mega-famous athlete is a big event for a developer. Manny, who is now a senator in his home country, will be able to additionally sponsor charitable organizations through cooperation with Ganapati. A portion of the proceeds from the game will go to charity. According to the studio director, this was an important part of the contract.

The developer has high hopes for this future novelty. In it, they see a bridge between Europe and Asia. European operators will be able to display Asian themes on their sites, and Asian casinos will receive a European-style slot with an Asian theme. According to Ganapati, this is something new that the industry has not yet seen.

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