Britain bans auto slot mode and three other slot functions

  • Functions that speed up the game or create the illusion of control over the outcome
  • Sounds or pictures that create the illusion of winning, when in fact the payout is less than or equal to the bet
  • Rotating slots less than 2.5 seconds long
  • Auto mode

Other changes are also required:

  • Online casinos should clearly show players total losses or gains, plus show the duration of each online slot session.
  • A ban is introduced on the cancellation of withdrawals for any type of online gambling.

The gambling commission explained each of its decisions. According to research, auto mode causes players to lose track of the time they spend playing. Then it is difficult for the players to stop.

The ability to cancel withdrawals is an additional risk as it tempts players to continue playing. And the possibilities of slots, which are proposed to be banned, increase the intensity of the game, and with it the loss of players’ control.

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