Britain is investigating the merger of Evolution Gaming and NetEnt

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is concerned that the deal that will make Evolution Gaming the owner of NetEnt will reduce the level of competition in their online gambling market. Therefore, it was announced that an investigation into the merger would begin on 22 September.

On September 21, CMA sent legal notice to both companies to open an investigation. The FDA announced that it was accepting comments on the deal and the potential loss of competition in the market. Comments will be accepted from all interested parties by October 5th. The estimated date for the announcement of a decision on this issue is set for November 16, 2020. But the CMA notes that the date may change.

In principle, the activities of the companies do not overlap. NetEnt has a live casino division, but their main focus is slot machines. While Evolution Gaming is exclusively about live dealer games. Although the Office for Competition and Markets knows better what risks for the market lie behind this merger.

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