British Airways accused of advertising gambling

British airline British Airways has been accused of illegal advertising of gambling games after the airline aired a TV commercial featuring a couple who easily won large sums of money on slot machines in a casino. This ad sparked complaints from the advertising regulator and anger from MPs.

The promotional video shows a couple returning from the pool to their hotel room through the arcade. “We had free time and so we decided to play slot machines, winning a couple of dollars. We also put them into the slot machines, winning $ 493. This is how we successfully went to the pool!”, They said.
Former Conservative leader Ian Duncan Smith says he was literally stunned to see this ad. He will now discuss this important issue urgently with his cross-party colleagues. “Absolutely awful. What were they thinking?”Said Ian Duncan Smith.
British Airways Holidays advertisements were shown on television after UK gambling operators negotiated strict restrictions on their television advertisements to address the problems of addicts, drug addicts and adolescents.
A spokeswoman for the Standards Authority (ASA) advertising company said that the regulator received several complaints about the British Airways announcement on the basis that such ads promote the desire to gamble, showing how easy it is to win large amounts of money, which is completely irresponsible.
Mark Etches, head of Britain’s leading gambling charity, GambleAware, expressed great concern over the ad from British Airways “There are 370,000 people in Britain addicted to gambling for money. The consequences of gambling addiction can be devastating to individuals and families. Companies have a responsibility to acknowledge their responsibility for ensuring that gamblers are aware of all the risks associated with gambling, ”said Mark Etches.

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