British National Lottery attackers go to jail

Not surprisingly, one of the hackers, Akinwunmi, was able to learn the tricks of the "profession" from YouTube videos. Apparently, he never had time to complete the course on how to hide his tracks. After using a computer at his university, he was tracked down and caught. Another hacker was tracked while he was using a computer at home.

The difference in terms of imprisonment was due to the fact that one was just starting his "career" and managed to steal only 13 pounds. And the second has used the hacking program hundreds of times, including hacking accounts of the national lottery,, Mindspay and Point to Shop.

The scale of the hacker attack on the lottery operator

In November 2016, when the issue became known, there was a lot of buzz. The operator was accused of weak defense, the players said that they no longer feel safe. As a result, the operator was forced to close hundreds of accounts. In general, the public was shocked.

However, no critical data was available to the hackers. The most they received were names, contact details, date of birth, transaction history, the last four digits of the bank card and the date when the card expires.

According to the operator, they do not store information about the full number of bank cards and bank accounts on players’ accounts. This, most likely, saved the lottery from serious financial losses.

The British National Lottery said the hackers did not gain access to the systems . And the attack did not affect the determination of the winners and the payment of prizes. In total, approximately 26,500 accounts were affected, while the total number of users was 9.5 million at the time.

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