BTG and IGT on Wheel of Fortune Megaways joint project

IGT made the right choice as the launch in some US markets has already caused quite a stir. Enrico did not give exact numbers, but noted that Wheel of Fortune Megaways has become one of the top releases in the company’s history.

Success is also expected from the launch on the European market. Although it can be assumed that it will not be so enchanting. After all, as Nik Robinson noted, this brand is close to US residents and new to Europe.

However, the BTG director has already announced possible plans for the next Wheel of Fortune slot. And the IGT representative supported the idea that the companies will continue to cooperate in the future.

Focus on Vegas

Nik Robinson noted that they could license the Megaways as they usually do. Then they would simply have to advise license buyers to help them get the desired result.

But in the case of IGT, the brand has such a high value that they decided to develop a slot machine themselves. Moreover, from the side of IGT they were given complete freedom and only one condition – to preserve the character of Wheel of Fortune.

It is very exciting, Enrico has entrusted its brand to me and our business. Enrico told us: "You can do whatever you want, as long as we feel that the slot retains the character of Wheel of Fortune." It was a huge trust that we wanted to repay and set to work.

During development, the company focused on Vegas rather than focusing on TV shows. This was explained by the fact that if you focus on the show, you need a huge database to implement the word guessing element. It also implies that there will be an element of skill in the game, which the BTG director did not want for this release. However, this idea has been abandoned for possible future versions of this branded slot.

On one side there is a TV game show, but on the other side there is Vegas. Of course, I wanted the atmosphere of a game show, but I wanted it to be the kind of slot that you can find in Vegas. In the gambling halls of Vegas, you can constantly hear the drama and excitement of playing Wheel of Fortune, even after so many years. Therefore, we have doubled the Vegas factor.

To combine the mega brand and Megaways’ proprietary mechanics, Big Time Gaming used a bonus round. Before its launch, the wheel of fortune spins, which determines with what initial number of lines the free spins are activated.

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