BTG Announces Three Finalists for Bonanza Slot Contest

On December 2, 2020 BTG announced a competition to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the famous slot Bonanza. Participants had to describe a slot machine for a chance to receive € 5,000. Three liked tweets were to be voted on.

On January 11, three finalists were announced, for which users will now vote. All three members provided their descriptions in verse, so now it’s a poetic battle between dunover, Reel Player and snorky510238.

All three poems dealt with the fact how difficult it is to get the final D of the word GOLD in order to activate the bonus. One of the finalists asks Santa to leave him a "D" under the tree.

And the finalists of the 2020 BTG poet laureate award goes to the following poems from @ snorky510238 @dunoveragain @PlayerReel now…

– Big Time official (@_BIGTIME_GAMING) January 11, 2021

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