BTG Director Launches Campaign Against Auto Mode Removal

The reason for this: "Auto mode can cause players to lose track of their game."

I have been creating online slots for over 20 years and absolutely disagree with this explanation of the decision. I want to evaluate the players’ opinion, as I believe that such a poorly informed decision could lead to less controlled play or will alienate the players so much that they will consider offshore unregulated options.

Auto Spins provided by the current regulator rules allow players to keep track of their spins per session. Players can set loss limits to control their balance. It would be much more dangerous to exclude this function, leaving only the spin button without indicators of how many spins were spent or played.

I’ve written a couple of articles for the press, and I’m also thinking of creating a petition so players can express their opinion. If the poll shows agreement that the auto mode will not be enough, I will create a petition, contact the UKGC and discuss the issue directly.

You are the players and you really need to have a voice in this situation.

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