Bulletproof Games Joins YG Masters Program by Yggdrasil

On February 24, Yggdrasil signed an agreement with another studio. Bulletproof Games joins a rapidly growing number of content partners through the YG Masters program. This is a little-known British developer who already has a rather large portfolio of games, including slots and roulettes.

Bulletproof Games also gets access to the GigaBlox and MultiMax mechanics, which should make the developer’s games even more compelling. A Yggdrasil spokesperson called his new partner a fantastic studio led by a team with vast industry experience. It is assumed that cooperation will unlock their potential and help to reach a new level.

In turn, Bulletproof Games noted that they are committed to creating an engaging gaming experience. Through this partnership, the company expects the business to grow rapidly through the availability of mechanics and technology, as well as access to a large number of operators.

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