Can an online casino add a boost to slot machines?

For example, there is an official app from Scientific Games – Jackpot Party Casino: Slot Machines. There, Zeus has 94% RTP, although there is a demo with 96% RTP on their site. It is quite simple to prove that RTP is different: they have different reels, different order of symbols on them.

To understand whether the casino / provider is "tweaking" (whether "holding" RTP), you need to make a lot of bets. For low dispersion slots, I would estimate the need for 50-100 thousand, for high dispersion about 1 million (if you need to distinguish between versions with RTP 94 and 96%). I can make the calculation more accurate, but it is hardly needed. It is easier to distinguish RTP 92% from 96%, but 10 thousand bets will still be very small!

The next chart (horizontally – rates, vertically – balance) – an example of the behavior of an UNSUFFICIENT Zeus II slot in its three variants (92.94.96%) with a bet on 30 lines (variance 40) and 96% with a bet on 1 line (variance 100). It can be seen that raspberry is strongly "sausage" – this is due to dispersion. And it is easy to see profitable intervals of 200 thousand bets there.

This should be because it is a REAL RAND (that is, with zero correlation, completely independent samples of a random variable). When you flip a coin 20 times, you MUST sometimes land 19 heads. If 19 heads never come up, THIS MEANS A TURNING !!!

For reference, DoA has a variance of 265, and therefore the balance will "sausage" even more than the raspberry line. After 1 million bets in DoA, the chance to stay in positive territory is just over 2%. A MILLION of bets is not enough for such slots!

So if you are lucky somewhere and unlucky somewhere, then you just played a little.

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