Casino cheaters: how they ruined gambling houses

They say casinos always win. Nevertheless, the story knows examples of people who managed to reverse. Is it possible to fool the casino to be the advantage on the player’s side? The heroes of our today’s selection are real scammers, this is a casino shuler, which was able to bypass gambling establishments. Their stories are different, but at the head of each – amazing ingenuity. So, to your attention – a selection of top 3 casinos of chairs, whose stories stirred the whole world.

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  • 3 place – Louis “Coin” Kolavechechio
  • 2nd place – Garsalo “Lord of Roulette” Garcia-Pelaio
  • 1st place – Tommy “Hand Monkey” Carmichael

3 place – Louis “Coin” Kolavechechio

Louis Collavachio – the most famous counterfeiter who was inspired by many cochlers in the medium casino.

In the mid-1990s, the owners of multiple casinos in Connecticut and Atlantic City collided with the fact that in their institutions I could not count the circulation of chips and coins. A small error in this matter is normal: some visitors may have taken chips with them. But it was not about a shortage, but on the contrary – about the actual turnover of chips, twice the nominal. The first thing that comes to mind is fakes, but nothing of the kind was revealed during the audits.

The FBI was involved in the case, and it was only in 1998 that they managed to find the instigator. It was then that law enforcement officers broke into the house of Louis Colavechio, where a press of about 150 tons was found, which occupies most of the premises. The variety of lasers and shapes that the equipment was equipped with made it possible to produce any coins and casino chips.

Louis served 7 years in prison after the incident. Later, he was again caught on petty fraud, but received only a suspended sentence, as he promised the FBI cooperation. At the beginning of the 2000s, however, Colavechio was awaiting a new conclusion, but for possession of drugs. This incident turned into a Shulera for a 7 year term in prison.

Then the machine for fake coins and chips, by the way, in 2008 put on auction. The design was sold separately, so that no new casino shulers, nor Kolawachio himself could not redeem him in order to turn the scheme re-.

2nd place – Garsalo “Lord of Roulette” Garcia-Pelaio

The next hero of our selection, which is amazing, found a way to ruin a casino by a completely legitimate way. And he was based on the theory of Joseph Jagher, the player of the 19th century. The theory was that the roulette mechanism of those times is not absolutely symmetrical – it has displaced centers of gravity (production errors). So, some numbers may fall more often than others.

Gonzalo Garci Peleto noticed a casino nearby to check the theory. Dozens of hours left for this, during which he and his five children recorded all the dropped numbers. In the end, by transferring the data to a computer, Gonzalo was able to isolate the very numbers. He even calculated that in this way he gets a 15% advantage over the casino.

Casino cheaters: how they ruined gambling houses

The theory was confirmed: when Garcia-Pelayo played in the very casino – he came out with a tidy sum. But, as you know, many gamblers in casinos are caught by video recorders, so it was risky to attract attention. Gonzalo decided to get lost in the capital of gambling – Las Vegas.

Already using a proven scheme, the Garcia-Pelayo family began to count the winning sectors in the roulette wheels of local casinos. The numbers were different everywhere, but the shifted center of gravity was typical for all roulette reels of those years of release.

In the end, the sharper was spotted. At the beginning of the 2000s, Garcier-Pelayo was charged with fraud from several casinos at once. The owners demanded compensation for scams and criminal punishment. The verdict was rendered in 2004: Gonzalo, of course, acquitted. The court rightly noted that what happened was a casino miscalculation, not a player’s crime.

The hero of the story later published a book with the mechanisms of his calculations. However, the owners of many gambling houses switched to improved roulette production after this incident. So the literary works of Garcia-Pelayo are more valuable today for the history of gambling.

1st place – Tommy “Hand of the Monkey” Carmichael

Tommy Carmichael, who has been known as a lover of electrical engineering since childhood, went down the slope early. Having served time for drug possession and divorced three times, this sharper managed to rise already at the age of 40+.

It all started when Tommy was visited by a school buddy who lived in Vegas. He brought with him a tool for hacking slot machines – the hand of a monkey. It was a guitar string soldered to a metal ring. If you put it in the machine and get to the desired point – the electronic chain closed, which was recognized by the machine, as a breakdown of jackpot.

Armed with a monkey hand, Karmichko first tried the skill creation skill on a personally purchased automatic, and then went for the extraction about the suburban casino. Over the first week, Tommy earned more than 10 thousand dollars.

Chuya Neladnoe, Casino owners began to improve protection against hacking. But Tommy has successfully completed the little provincial institutions to which progress has not yet reached.

Casino cheaters: how they ruined gambling houses

Naturally, it is difficult to get lost in small casinos. It is at this moment Tommy caught. In general, many chain chains in the casino video operators were caught. In 1985, Karmikek was convicted of imprisonment.

Going out to freedom, Tommy could no longer be used by the proven arm of the monkey: the machines with a mechanical stuffing were rapidly replaced by microprocessors. And Schuler began to develop its own design, for which the EGT slot machine was bought at the thematic exhibition. After breaking the mechanism, Carmichael realized that with the help of steel wire to which a micro flashlight was attached, you can “blind” built into the slot optical sensor. Thus, the winning algorithm is launched.

The light wand – the invention of Tommy – VMIG made a millionaire shoelara. But the carmake kicked the casino so actively that he did not go unnoticed. The challenge went on trial in 1999, but the sentence made in 2001 was not so depressing. Once upon all year and not paying a finish dollar, Tommy got freedom in return for cooperation with the casino and government. Carmichael has developed a protector that, when inserted into the device, blocks all popular methods of breaking slots.

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