Casino deposits were credited, but not debited from the payment system

Perhaps some players knew about this and were silent, but for some it came as a shock, since they did not closely monitor transactions and balances. Just one day they checked their account at PostFinance and found that a large amount of money had disappeared from the balance – for all deposits that were credited to the casino, but were not debited from the payment account.

For some, the amount reached several tens of thousands of francs, and their currency goes almost one to one with the dollar. Because of this, some accounts went into negative territory and were blocked. As a result, users were unable to make other payments.

One of the casinos, which received deposits, decided to compensate all the losses of the players for the corresponding period, despite the fact that the problem was not on their part. But the culprit of the incident, PostFinance, agreed only to consider options for how users will pay off the debts formed due to the company’s mistake.

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