Casino employee stole 20 thousand to recover from gambling addiction

In Britain, 46-year-old Cash Recücle pawnshop worker Peter Barker from Sulford was able to steal more than £ 20 thousand from the store’s cash register in order to spend on gambling addiction treatment. Ironically, Peter is now an employee of a gambling establishment, but he works in the grocery department.
It is reported that Peter, who worked in a pawnshop for 9 years, began to steal three years ago, until 2018 he stole £ 20,596 thousand when his boss found out about it. Shop owner John Stamper said that he was very disappointed with what happened, as Peter was also a friend to him. “I completely trusted him. And then I felt like a complete fool. But from now on I will no longer behave so carelessly and trust hired workers, “- said John.
At the court session, a representative of the prosecutor’s office said that a pawnshop employee made transfers of stolen money to his bank account when the store’s customers made payments using bank cards. In turn, the defendant’s lawyer said that his client, against the background of emotional experiences due to the death of his father, quickly began to develop gambling addiction. And he spent all the money, secretly from his family, on treatment for this addiction.
“My client did not commit this crime out of selfish motives. He was forced to spend all the money to pay for treatment for gambling addiction. Now he has repented and asks the court for leniency when passing the sentence, ”said the lawyer.
It is also reported that Peter, who had previously been convicted of fraud and received a new job in the casino after his arrest in February last year and the charges brought in January this year. The court that considered this case issued an indictment – sentencing Peter Barker to eight months in prison.

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