CasinoGrounds director on casino streaming and its future

Trust, trust and trust again. For the first time in online gambling, players feel like they know the person on the other side. Historically, gaming was usually perceived as something dubious due to associations with various kinds of criminal organizations, and he had to fight hard to improve his reputation.

Streamers help break this perception by demonstrating the product, but more importantly, by explaining how things work and even acting as insurance for the players, as they can ask for help in case of unfairness. Streamers are becoming the face of online gambling as an industry.

What impact has the current situation had on live streaming? If metrics have increased, as in other online verticals, can they be sustained or even further increased?

I believe that casino streaming is still largely a niche type of content. I expect the current position to help accelerate the growth of this category and bring it to a wider audience. Streamers and their communities should naturally keep coming up with new ideas and striving to deliver even more interesting content and appeal to new demographics.

What methods can be used to distinguish between which streamers and platforms to work with?

Experience is key. Due to the fact that this is a relatively new direction, the connection of new tools in addition to other affiliate and marketing channels carries a risk for uneducated operators.

My main advice is to do your own research first. is a great tool that can often show if a streamer has grown its base by buying followers and viewers.

If the growth in subscribers does not match the change in viewership or activity, this should be a red flag. But there is an ocean of other factors to consider, and I would recommend talking to someone who understands how the streaming industry works.

What do you think the future holds for streaming?

I think it is easy to guess the answer from my previous statements, but it cannot be denied that streaming will be a very important component of online gambling marketing in the future. If you look at other industries like fashion or cosmetics, people of authority already play a key role in building trust, awareness and motivation for millions of users every day.

My main concern is that the lack of understanding on the part of the operators and game providers will help legitimize the so-called fake streamers who use, in my opinion, very unethical and fraudulent methods.


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