Casumo asks for documents for the parents’ house, money is not withdrawn

In this particular situation, there is not enough information to argue that the operator is irrational in requesting such documents. After all, as some users noted, we do not know what income is indicated in the documents that the player sent. If there is little income, then there is a reason to think about third-party and possibly unreported income.

This may be why they want to eliminate the need for the player to pay rent. As indicated in their letter, this would significantly change the situation with whether the player could afford the amounts spent on the casino or not. Otherwise, when there are checks, the casino staff will not be able to explain why they did not investigate the discrepancy between the player’s income and expenses.

In the operator’s manual, the regulator says that checks are required when a user deposits, wins or spends € 2,000. Moreover, the amount does not apply to a one-time payment. And the player just said that he has recently withdrawn and replenished more than usual and won about 2,000 pounds.

Representative comment

A Casumo spokesman noted on the forum that he could not provide information on specific cases, saying only "I assure you there is always a reason" for checking the sources of income. He added that if players are unhappy, they can seek arbitration from the UKGC or other organizations. He also pointed out the rules of the casino, according to which they have the right to withhold players’ money.

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