Charity stream, shaved heads and beards and € 45,000

What kind of reaction and support have you received from your followers?

The reaction of society that we saw warmed my soul, I am so touched that so many people donated and many who could not donate shaved their hair or watched and participated in the stream for hours.

The society has really come together and I cannot express in words how grateful I am. I think it is even more important to contribute in these times than ever, and I noticed that even though we had a few large donations, the small donations were double the amount of the big ones. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

How has the current quarantine affected your work?

In this quarantine situation, I always tell people to be careful and plan their actions even more carefully than before. As for myself, of course it’s boring to stay at home all the time, but in order not to spread the virus even more by putting additional pressure on health care, I decided to be as careful as possible.

As for work, I work from home instead of the office and I’m lucky that I can do most of my work from home.

Do you want to say something to those who sacrificed for your purpose?

I would like to convey a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped support the charity stream, I love you all.

My advice to other fundraisers is to plan as carefully as possible when it comes not only to your money, but also to others, you do not want to make mistakes that can backfire, even if they were made with good intentions.

Do you have any further ideas for fundraising in the future?

I would like to organize another fundraiser in the future. I have never been so worried as this time, and despite the fact that this event was debilitating, I received from it one of the greatest satisfaction of my life.

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