Costa Rica Casino License – What is good and how to get it

Casino License Costa Rica is one of the most matopular and that’s why! Licensed online casinos have a big advantage over other. In the century of high technologies, almost every resident of the globe has already used to evaluate any unfamiliar environment critically, excluding suspicious factors before starting direct interaction. Industry online casino, of course, it also concerns. Not even so: it concerns her almost first. It is understandable: first, they play the car for money, and I somehow do not want to risk your money. Secondly, to provide your payment and personal information (in establishments often ask copies of documents for verification) who also fell, few people will decide. Well, the most important thing is that the casino should be not only safe, but also honest. The license is a guarantee that in a particular institution is the norms of an unbiased game with a random order of prizes, which no one can break. Moreover, licensed casino and slots with a license, and therefore – the percentage of returns is maintained at a high level, and not bonded by the owners of the institutions.

Actually, there is nothing surprising in the fact that licensed casino at the gambling public is always in priority. And it is impossible to unequivocally say that no one worries the fact of the licensee. Of course, many people look at this nuance only superficially, satisfying the very fact of the license from the casino. But the real sharks of Azart always in this regard will prefer the owner of the authoritative license to someone who all issued in the banana republic.

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Casino License Rica Casino – Licensee Choice

The license of the Costa Rica is not the most popular, but quite an interesting option. Costa Rica is one of those countries whose economy holds on a stream of tourists and game business. Thus, these states have long been those countries that come to mind on any issue related to gambling at the international level. Judge for yourself: the majority will not remember the main attraction of the same CuraƧao or Malta, but the casino licenses in the list of associations will certainly pop up.

Costa Rica – from the same order of countries. Due to license fees, the state receives a considerable influx in the treasury, and first they pay for receipt, and then for the extension. Naturally, with such solutions to independently ensure the most simple and understandable procedures with potential licenses – this is in the interests of the country. Therefore in Costa Rica will always provide expert assistance to the one who looks at the license – even though legal, even financiers, even though business analysts.

It is also important that Costa Rica is a country calm and prosperous. Agree, few people risk executing a license in even the strongest and well-known country, if there are massive unrest, military actions, devaluation and t.D. In Costa Rica, everything is stable and calm.

The main advantage of the Rica license

The Government of Costa Rica has developed a very competent policy of attracting new licensees from abroad. So, only the territorial activities of licensees are taxed. If you earn out of Costa Rica – do not pay anything (and at its limits to earn gambling games and it will not work – it is prohibited). For capital gains taxes are also not charged.

Especially reasonable such conditions will be for small gambling business and barely novice entrepreneurs: you can budgetically provide a license and develop the case.

So. As part of the economic benefit of Costa Rica – one of the best options among world licensors. And for this permission, there is not one hundred virtual casino worldwide. Nevertheless, there is no single legislative framework to assist in exhaustive regulation of the gambling market in Costa Rica. However, many gambling operators consider this advantage: there is no excessive control, and therefore bureaucracy. Yes, and the improvement of any regulator is expensive: there, you see, and rates will grow, and the geography of taxation taxes – too.

Well, according to the actual legislation of Costa Rica, all legal entities, including Oshforts, can provide any gambling services in both the country and abroad, and without restrictions on the type of gambling. Nevertheless, the citizens of the Costa Rica itself use the services of a casino forbidden. So, licensed by this state online casino is obliged to block local IP addresses. The dynamics emerges quite unambiguous: loyal attitude in gembling in these parts is due to economic benefits. Fencing its citizens from gambling, Costa Rica retains the maximum loyal licensing conditions: there is no need for additional checks in internal regulators.

The lack of legislation that regulates gambling business in the country is the absence of overhead testing and monitoring for licensees. Well, profit is not taxed, by itself.

Moreover, a stable inflow of funds in the treasury due to the facilitated licensing procedure allows you to increasingly improve the opposition to terrorism and financial fraud, which only strengthens the reliability of the licensee. All companies that have registration within the state. Place a single tax. So, it will be possible to organize a license for online casino for 12 thousand dollars a year.

Pluses of license

Based on the foregoing, you can allocate a very promining list of indisputable advantages of Costa Rica as a licensee for gambling:

  • Stable situation in the country,
  • Lack of standards for used software,
  • No requirements for the territorial location of the servers,
  • No guidelines,
  • Bank account is not necessary to open at the local bank,
  • No need to pay income tax,
  • tax reporting is not required,
  • The license is issued quickly,
  • Using the nominal service is not reborn,
  • Costa Rica will not hear offshore on an international scale. Therefore, such a license opens the path including to the markets of Europe and the United States.

How to issue licensing

So, given all the rules, the potential licensee will take a minimum of time. From the documents you will need:

  1. Certificate of the current legal entity of Costa Rica.
  2. Passport and copy for each founder.
  3. Data on the objectives and objectives of the enterprise.
  4. Software data (manufacturers, content description, impact interest, etc.).
  5. Ready Business Plan with Data, including Financial Capital and Profitability Forecasts.

With the above documents, you can buy a license. Then there is the next stage – open casino. On the opening of the casino in order to further fully function, a separate license is needed. The stages of its preparation are as follows:

  • Create a charter of the company,
  • Provide the charter for consideration by the relevant commission for controlling,
  • announce the selected casino name to check the ability to register the appropriate name,
  • Pay registration,
  • Rent an office within the country,
  • Open an account in the bank of any country,
  • Register postal address,
  • Check the Ministry of Health and get approval,
  • Proceed by insurance,
  • Arrange employees of the company.

Also, the owner will need to ensure the foundation of a trustee in Costa Rica.

You will need to pay 24 thousand dollars, and 12 thousand – in every subsequent year.

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