Credit card payments were banned, the British found a way out

The UK regulator said it will monitor compliance with the ban on the use of credit cards. BGC, which represents the interests of online casinos, noted that the operators are ready to work with the regulator to solve this problem and close the opportunity.

It is worth noting that the UK regulator is quite prompt in responding to new loopholes in the rules by which casinos bypass bans. In April 2019, when the £ 2 maximum rate limit for terminals with fixed rates came into effect, operators began to accept higher rates on paper, which was legally legal.

Then the regulator threatened that those who violate the spirit of the rule will be punished. In this case, the "spirit" of the new rule says that operators should not allow players to fund their accounts with credit cards, as this greatly affects their well-being. Therefore, this loophole may soon be quickly closed.

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