Criticism Canceled Betting on Match Commentator Words

British operator Sky Bet came up with a new product, to which the public reacted with massive criticism. The company’s plans were to take bets on what exact words and phrases the commentators would use during matches. This product is called Commentator Bingo.

Bingo Commentator was supposed to launch on January 17, during the Manchester United-Liverpool meeting. However, due to a lot of criticism, the operator decided to abandon the new product, at least for a while.

UK MP Carolyn Harris described the idea as startling, incredible and predatory, saying she opposes companies looking for betting opportunities every minute of the day.

Britain is already on track to tighten the rules even further. It is expected that the regulator will set many restrictions on what operators will be able to accept bets on. Perhaps the Sky Bet Bingo Commentator gave the idea for the ban.

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