Curacao Casino License – Benefits and How to get it

Curacao Casino License – What you need to get it! CURACAO Country is one of the global capitals of Azart: Of course, if we do not talk about the traditional format of the game A la Las Vegas, but about the online casino. And the reasons for that are quite reasonable: the country is one of the leading licensees for representatives of the virtual gambling market. And today we will deal, why many choose a licensing option of a casino in Curacao among all available offers.

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  • License Curacao Casino – feasibility of licensing
  • Curacao License: Azart Islet
  • Subspecies licensing
  • Tax rates
  • Applying for a license Casino Curacao
  • Curacao License: Prices

License Curacao Casino – feasibility of licensing

Of course, the gambling license is one of the main points that it is worth paying attention to the creation of a virtual gambling institution. Moreover, it is recommended to pay it at an early stage as possible: many nuances are dependent on this issue. Yes, and authority in the eyes of users matters: today almost every player knows yourself how to check the casino license and is it in general.

As usual, freedom of action for online casinos is welcome not everywhere: in the considerable number of countries, gembling is prohibited by law in principle. And there are those who are not forbidden by the gambling industry, but the extension leaves much to be desired. So it turns out that the current and future owners of the online casino on licensing are often watching. And they look at the unlatenitive: in contrast, states with loyal conditions and adequate laws are very highlighted.

Thus, even in the absence of licensing jurisdictions within the native state, the casino owner can always be applied to offshore. At this offshore business, a weighty part of the economy of a number of countries is held.

Curacao Island in a number of such countries is considerable in view of how much the loyal relevant jurisdiction of the state. That is why Curacao’s license is banging on the websites of many gambling sites, both domestic and foreign.

Curacao License: Azart Islet

Curaçao Island is surrounded by the Water of the Caribbean and belongs to the Small Antille Islands archipelago. Even until recently – 2010, the island was under the royal power of the Netherlands, and only later the Netherlands antilles became autonomous.

Among all offshore zones, Casino license Curacao is notable for minimal tax rates. And at the same time – also developed infrastructure. So it turns out that the gembling companies from all over the world come here for the execution of the license, and even export their business at all.

It is noteworthy that the first casino license in Curaçao International Sample was issued back in 2001. At that time, local laws did not imply online gembling a separate category. But soon – in 2002, this industry began to appear on the pages of laws as a separate component. National Gambling Decree (He is the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard) – a single regulator of this area in Curaçao.

The Ministry of Justice Curaçao licensed authority provided by Cyberluck Curacao N.V. – the owner of a master license based in 1996.. All issues related to the licensing of virtual gambling establishments are under its centralized coordination.

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Regulatory licensing functions and the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) authority – Associations of online games of Curacao, founded in 2001. It includes both operators on the online game market and other organizations that are representatives of IGAMING industry. In total, about 30 companies. Among the powers of the organization – Representation and lobbying of controlled institutions and the guarantor of compliance of their actions to the Code of Conduct and the Basic Principles of Transparent Business.

Subspecies licensing

Curacao Casino license can be issued Cyberluck Curacao N.V. how:

  • Main / Master License,
  • Sublication.

Owners of master licenses in Curaçao total 3, and they provide the agency services for the extradition of sublicenzies. Actually, at the moment, new operators can only count on the last: market monopolization complicates significantly complicates the procedure for obtaining a master license. Well, the owners still also actively offer their services in organizing and supporting gambling business.

The conditions according to which Curacao license for online casino may be issued, all agents are almost identical.

The ownership of sub-licensee implies the possibility of issuing new sublicenses to other operators and guarantees the legality of work on all gambling online markets, except the US, France, the Netherlands and Curaçao itself.

Pros acquisition:

  • Authoritative jurisdiction,
  • Access to the European market,
  • Adequate price and tax rates,
  • Simple receiving procedure,
  • Single sample license for different types of gambling,
  • Fast licensing requests.

In addition to the attractive price-quality ratio, the sublication of Curaçao is good fast timing: you can invest in 3 weeks. Statistics say that each ninth gembling company in the world is licensed in this way.

Tax rates

Licensed in Curaçao operators do not pay:

  • VAT,
  • Tax on total rates,
  • Tax arising from imported import duties,

Paying only the standard 2% income tax. At the same time, no restrictions are imposed on the means: they can be freely removed.

This taxation system is valid only for gambling operators, and not for all country organizations. The fact is that the license to work the online casino in Curaçao refers to the special zone of taxation of the E-Zone.

Applying for a license Casino Curacao

Licensing authorities put forward the following requirements for operators:

  1. To submit an application to the company are necessary:
  • Scans passports,
  • Bank reference,
  • Certificate of non-support for up to 90 days,
  • Scan receipts on payment of communals with the date of issue up to 90 days,
  • Availability of bank account.

2. To the application you need to attach:

  • Domain ownership certificate,
  • Soft description,
  • List of countries in which casino will work,
  • Scheme with server location,
  • Scan of the contract with the supplier.

3. There is another requirement – the presence of a transit server in Curacao.

Curacao License: Prices

If you ask the cost counting issue, the amount will come to approximately following:

  1. Disposable payments:
  • 1000 dollars to open an account in the bank,
  • 3250 Euro to open the company,
  • 1000 For consideration of the application,
  • 1500 dollars on server equipment.

2. Annual payments:

  • 3250 Euro on the management of the company,
  • $ 4800 licensed,
  • 2,400 dollars for each connection to the license. domain if there are more than 2,
  • 6000 for server content.

So, the license of Curacao on the casino will cost 20 thousand. dollars. It is also necessary to take into account the costs of consulting agents – 100-300 dollars per hour.

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