Danguad casinos are considered scams

Changing the terms and conditions after unsuccessful moments for the casino is also practiced by various scammers. Most likely, players do not even suspect that the casino is deceiving them by pointing out the changed rules and claiming that they were originally. After all, few of the players are attentive in this regard. However, the most cautious ones know for sure that the casino is cheating, with some even having proof.


There are many complaints about Danguad-owned casinos that show unfair dispute resolution. Conclusion – casinos dodge by hook or by crook so as not to pay out winnings that they do not want to pay.

Despite the fact that partner sites establish that the casino acts incorrectly in disputable situations, it is often impossible to obtain compensation. Therefore, it is best to avoid such operators. I think the warnings from Casinomeister and ThePOGG cannot be ignored .

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