Demo mode of Thunderkick slots, where you can display results

For example, in the Fruit Warp slot machine, a screen appears with symbols (SYM0, SYM1, etc.). Each of them denotes a separate fruit. If you enter all the same values, the next spin brings up the full screen of the corresponding fruit.

And in another section, certain scenarios are offered, for example, winning 3x, respins with different outcomes, bonus rounds.

Demo mode of Thunderkick slots, where you can display results

Some of the users noted that such modes may be used in attempts to deceive the casino. When screenshots of supposedly winnings are taken, which in fact were not. But such a deception can be easily revealed, since the developer has data on all the rounds played, and the check will show a discrepancy.

Visual glitches happen. This is when the player does not show the result on the screen that actually comes out, as, for example, in the case of Wild Swarm from Push Gaming. But this is at the discretion of the developer and the operator, whether to compensate the player somehow for this situation. After all, the result will still be counted as the real one, which was recorded on the developer’s server.

There were also comments saying that this is not surprising or dangerous for the developer. Many vendors have this capability that is easily accessible to the average user. And this does not bother the developers.

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