Director Ganapati disowns all discriminatory facts

Regarding Malta’s license, it was noted that they voluntarily renounced it. Although the publishing house Gambling Insider pointed out the fact that back in January 2020, the company announced plans to obtain new licenses and enter new markets. Therefore, a statement of voluntary license waiver sounds implausible.

The public was allegedly misinformed about the investigation by the Japanese financial regulator. Adelstein claims that GPJ is not part of the Ganapati Group. This is a separate company that was just looking for capital for them. And according to her, there were no complaints from the police, charges of fraud and illegal affairs against them. GPJ was allegedly simply asked to obtain a license to continue to operate.

According to Gambling Insider, this statement contradicts their own words. The publisher noted an official announcement dated April 1 this year, where Ganapati said that their subsidiary, GPJ Venture Capital LLC, was notified that a lawsuit was being brought against it in Tokyo. That is, at first it was their daughter, and after a few months they forgot about it.

So, such companies and such "honest" people are behind some game content developers.

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