Director of Canadian gambling company stole vaccines from Aboriginal people

In the Canadian outback with a population of 100, a couple of millionaires disturbed the peace. The director of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) and his wife made a special trip to Beaver Creek to receive a vaccine that was not intended for them. They pretended to be employees of a local hotel to get vaccinated.

Shortly after the authorities filed charges, the GCGC director stepped down from his post and resigned from the board of directors. This act is regarded as theft from the unprotected population.

The deception was discovered thanks to the vigilance of the employees of the mobile vaccination station. They became suspicious that the couple asked to give them a lift to the airport. When the hotel confirmed that they were not working there, the vaccination station staff called the police. The intruders were found at the airport, ready to fly home.

The incident was publicized, and the violation was regarded as serious, the spouses will each pay a fine for their budget, a fine of $ 784 or more. Well, you can also call the director’s departure from the company a punishment. Although it is possible that this is due to changes within the GCGC.

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