Director of NetEnt Live on the launch of Roulette MAX: streamers, potential

It was a journey with many changes and necessary revisions, but we stayed true to the original concept and the essence of what we wanted to achieve. We have always adhered to the "quality first" mindset to ensure that the result is a reliable and exciting product for our customers.

Due to the fact that no one had embodied such ideas in roulette before, the developer noted that the main difficulty was to make the game understandable. Therefore, the principle had to remain simple to understand.

I also had to make sure that the game would comply with all legal regulations. The uniqueness of Roulette MAX in this sense also brought more worries, since there were no similar games before it. But in the end, the company was pleased with the result. The director of NetEnt Live commented on the new concept for dealers as follows:

You may notice some similarities in presentation style with video streamers, this is where we got our inspiration from. Players enjoy live casino through real interaction with the dealer. We wanted to take it one step further and bring in an extra level of direct communication.

Instead of spinning the wheels or standing at the tables, the hosts comment on the game to build anticipation throughout the game round and to educate players on new bets.

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