Director of Scientific Games is temporarily working for free

Despite the measures taken, the situation for Scientific Games does not seem critical. They announced that they have enough liquidity to survive this situation. The Executive Director noted:

I am confident that the measures we are now taking will prepare us to come out of the crisis even stronger than before. And I have never been so proud to lead a team in which everyone is ready to stand up for each other, our partners and our company.

This kind of concern is not the only one in the gambling industry. Reputable companies try to support their employees by opening funds and paying salaries to those who are not working. The chief executive of the American branch of William Hill was one of the first to announce that he gives all his salaries to a fund from which they will help those who are sent on vacation.

Wynn Resorts bosses agreed to cut wages by the end of the year in exchange for shares. This will allow thousands of employees to pay in full for 30 days of downtime.

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