Director of William Hill Us gives all of his salary to employees

I didn’t feel it was right to keep getting paid when so many people didn’t go to work. So I decided to donate my entire salary to the foundation and I encourage everyone in the company who is still working to donate as much as they can. Obviously, people won’t be able to donate their entire salary, but everyone can do at least something, even if it’s $ 20. And the reaction was amazing.

Joe noted that in response to his decision to create a foundation, he receives emails and messages that warm his soul. When asked how much he donated, the director did not answer, saying:

I prefer not to disclose the amount, but I am a fairly well paid person and I said from the very beginning that I will give my salary until the sport returns.

The state has 255 employees who continue to work. And, according to the director of the company, most of them will contribute to the fund. He has already notified his employees about the organization of the fund and those who are forced to stay at home received instructions on how to apply for financial assistance.

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