Do I need to set the value of the minimum RTP? Developers’ opinion

The difference with online is that in fact, almost all providers already issue RTPs in the region of 90% or more. For the few who do not fall into this category, the introduction of standards makes sense.

Arcangelo Lonore ( Head of Business Development for Habanero) : Many regulators set minimum return rates, and they are right. We recently saw a significant decrease in the legal minimum RTP in one particular market to cover the costs of tax increases.

This is a short-sighted and paradoxical decision, given that the regulator crawls into the pockets of players to avoid a market collapse due to excessive taxation, it is funny that this decision is being presented as part of the “Responsible Gaming” program!

Ivan Kravchuk ( executive director of Evoplay) : I think it would be contrary to the spirit of gambling – everything should be left to chance and luck, after all, it’s part of the fun!

Setting a minimum return by law is not what gambling should be, and given the need to make a profit, it will probably eliminate the “big wins at small stakes” that players know and love.

Carl Ejlertsson ( Business Development Director Red Tiger) : There is no regulated minimum because there is no single supervisory authority. Some set minimums, like MGA’s 92%. If all regulatory bodies want to unite and establish uniform gaming rules, this would make our life much easier, and we would certainly welcome such a decision.

Jan Urbanec ( CEO of Endorphina) : Strong competition in the online market and wide choice has led most of the suppliers to a well-balanced RTP value. In general, slot games have a RTP in the range of 94-98%.

By deviating from this limit, the supplier runs the risk of upsetting its business partners or players. It all depends on which line they want to cross.


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