Do not touch the cards! The casino was obliged to deal all cards open

Since August 15, UK casinos have returned to work after a prolonged outage. But for security reasons, some changes have been made to the card tables. Contrary to tradition, all cards should be dealt face up.

Players are not allowed to touch the cards. Thus, the regulator hopes to minimize the chances of the spread of the coronavirus. Players can still take their chips though. If in blackjack, for example, the distribution of open cards to players is meant, then in some cases this innovation goes against the established rules.

One of these games is three-card poker, where three cards are dealt to the dealer and all participants. Players will now get their cards face up so everyone can see what others have. The game is played against the house, so there will be no harm to the players from this. On the contrary, they get a slight advantage, as they can better identify the dealer’s possible cards.

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