English football teams are massively sponsored by gambling operators

GambleAware CEO Mark Etches noted that there is such a belief among fans today that they must bet on a match to enjoy it. This is very similar to the truth.

He also noted that he contacted many clubs about their sponsorship contracts with gambling operators. But as you can see, nothing has changed. He tried to reach out to the leadership of the Premier League, but did not receive an answer from them.

Fighters for reducing the amount of gambling advertising on the uniforms of football players still achieved some concessions. The English Football League has introduced a rule that all three divisions will be required to wear a special badge on the sleeve, which calls for responsible play . The photo below shows this sign, which translates to “When the fun ends. Stop "

Gambling addicts students

In one of their articles, TheGuardian looked at the problem of casinos among students. There, one of the former gambling addicts said that when he was studying, it was customary among students to play in the casino, poker or place bets. And those who didn’t were considered to be something like losers. As a result, he, like many other students, became addicted to the casino. Then he dropped out of school, got into debt for 10,000 pounds. Eventually, he dropped out to work and pay off his debts.

Let’s go back to betting and football. The CEO of GambleAware mentioned that betting has become the norm, and this worries him. Judging by the fact that such a normalization among students has led to dire consequences, one can expect the same effect on football fans. After all, if at the university it was not customary among students to squander money in casinos, many would simply not do it.

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