Evolution Gaming takes over the domain from the affiliate. Rights violation?

I would like to notify all affiliates that Evolution Gaming has submitted a request to Wipo to take this domain away from me.

As a reason, they say that I used their logo inside my site. (I use their logo on the home page where I provide information about Evolution Gaming.) For this reason, they want to take this domain, which I have had for 5 years.

I had a very good opinion of them, respected them, removed their logo. Asked if I could change anything else for them. But they just want to take my domain.

They accuse me of using their name for promotion and using their logo. It is very strange. Because on my site I wrote positive content about Evolution Gaming and did good reviews of their games, and I promoted online casinos that used Evolution Gaming games.

I realized the real reason later. After a little research, I figured it out. The day before they sent me an email, they bought other domains like evolutiongaming.casino. This means that either Evolution Gaming LTD are launching their own online casino, or they themselves become affiliates like NetEnt.

It’s very funny that Evolution Gaming wants to make money through affiliate programs. If they are so greedy for money, how can we trust this game provider?

Hope to win the case with Wipo and I will not sell my domain.

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